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Smith Slovik Residential Design Group offers free initial design consultation with potential clients to discuss the scope of your project. We provide a full service custom home design or renovation experience. This initial meeting can be at our office, but most often takes place at the job site, especially if it will be a renovation of existing residence. After this initial meeting, we will provide you with a formal proposal for services with general pricing based on the initial estimate of services. Once this proposal is agreed upon, our designers will begin the formal design process.

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Initial design sketches of a potential project would include hand sketched floor plans, front elevation and site plan for location of new residence. Client will review these sketches with Smith Slovik and we will make revisions until it meets and/or exceeds your expectations. Once the initial design is agreed upon, the final sketches will be presented to the builder of your choosing to get preliminary cost estimates of the project. Smith Slovik prides itself in doing an excellent job listening to a client and putting their expectations and dreams on paper. If the initial sketches do not meet a clients expectations in the first few meetings, we will work together making changes and revisions until the client is satisfied.


The final design will be a combination of hand sketched renderings and 3D computer aided design drawings in Revit that will be provided to the client for review throughout the design process. Final construction documents include all four elevations of the residence (front, rear, right, left,) floor plans, foundation plan, and roof plan along with interior and exterior 3D views and an online model viewer. Clients will review the final project and make revisions as needed before sending the construction documents to the structural engineer. These in house meetings allow comments and revisions to fine tune the design and perfect the plans. Smith Slovik has good relationships with several structural engineers. While the plans are at the engineer to complete the structural design, final plan details and color renderings will be completed. The final color renderings will include the selected materials and colors provided by the client. Smith Slovik can also provide color rendered walk through videos for an additional design fee.


*Other services provided upon request.

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